Most people like you and I travel only based on the destination where they would like to go. well, wouldn’t it sometime be important to check the best exchange rates before choosing the final destination.

How the best exchanges rates changed my way of travelling

Until a couple of years ago, I still used to travel based on the destination I had in mind at the time. The best exchange rates would have never came to my mind as a potential interesting criteria of selection. Well it should have done!

OK you are going to say that this is ridiculous, you should travel, like anybody else by the way, only based on where you really want to go. Well my answer to this question could apply for many people I think: I want to travel into so many places that who cares what I start by ? (Well as long as the it is the good season as I will avoid Vietnam in May when it rains all day long for example). Talking about Vietnam, did you know that the exchange rate between euros and dongs dropped by 22% between end 2014 and end 2015? Well, I knew that end 2014 the best exchange rates ever occurred between euros and dongs and this is what made me chose Vietnam as destination in October 2014. Imagine how much I saved thanks to the best exchange rates, 22% on all my expenses! When you think about daily hotels, restaurants, clothes, presents brought back for family and friends… well in the end I saved around 500 € on my 2 weeks trip, not bad hein ?

If ever you would like to do the same as myself, I invite you to fint out a following tool. I am sure you won’t regret it as it may enable you to save a lot of money !


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