What is an exchange rate? An exchange rate is the rate at which a currency converts to another. If you need to buy or sell euros, receive or send euros, then this guide is for you.

The best exchange rates is something millions of people need.  More than 250 million people are currently living abroad and the trend is increasing. Building a guide for the best exchange rates worldwide would be difficult but my guide is going to apply to all exchange rates anyway. Here I will specialize on Euros. My guide is about how to get the best euros exchange rates. You will realize I built 2 parts. The first one is about how to always be informed about exchange rates so that when the best one arrives you are notified. The second one is about what to do once you think you reached a very good rate.


How to get notified when the market reaches the best euros exchange rates?

1-     Go to a comparison website and subscribe to exchange rates alerts. You will receive the list of exchange rates applied by money transfer operators.

2-     Go to an exchange rate notification service and subscribe to smart exchange rate notifications. You will receive 2-3 emails or Facebook messages a month only at the best moments. Only when the exchange rates are significantly better than usually.

What to do if you think the exchange rate is very good?

1-     Verify. Talk to others. Try to understand for which reason this change happened and get to know whether it will continue.

2-     Transfer your money. Exchange your currencies. It’s a comparator which transparently compares all money transmitters in real-time. You will beat bank rates. You will have the right time to send money and the best exchange rates thanks to both the best operator and the best timing.

Next time you need to exchange currencies. Remember that there are 2 simple steps to get the best exchange rates. The first one is to make sure you receive notifications at the good time. The second one is to do what is appropriate.

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