The best exchange rates in the plane

There are 3 reasons why the best exchange rates are in the plane, I will demonstrate that whichever airline company you use such as American Airlines, Virgin airlines, British airways, air france and easyjet… The rates are the same, you find them in the plane.

1/ the best exchange rates are in the plane, you will never catch them

The perfect exchange rate today would be to get the mid market exchange rate but it’s impossible for human beings. Only robots get them. And the companies using robots to get them are intermediaries for you to have the exchange rate so they profit from this opportunity by charging variable and fix fees. However, they tend to not say that there are variable fees. Anyway they charge them. You get screwed. We call those fees hidden fees. There are ways to calculate how many fees you currently pay without knowing. The hidden fees tracker is a good one.

So it’s as if the best exchange rates were in the plane because you will never get them.



2/ the best exchange rates are in the plane, you should bring your money in your pocket and travel

Yes. Go in the plane by bringing less than 10’000 dollars or euros so that you are authorized to do it and you don’t change your money at the airport. It’s a nice way to have money and not pay exchange rate fees. You know what is the worst thing you can do when you exchange currencies? It’s exchanging too much. Indeed you pay fees in both ways which doubles the total fees from 10 to 20%. Too bad.

3/ the best exchange rates are in the plane, you should simply pay wherever you are, travel and have fun

Take your mastercard or visa card and go travelling. Period. It’s the easiest way to spend your money when it’s needed. However once you decide to stay in a place you should just check an online money transfer comparison website and transfer all at the best deal you find is day. Or even wait before if you find exchange rates notification service that van tell you when there is a good moment to send money abroad.

There are hidden fees and fix fees which prevent us from getting the best exchange rates. We should exchange money using our pockets anyway, and travel by plane. Or simply we can travel and pay where we need so that we don’t exchange too much money.

Why the hipsters rock with exchange rates and you don’t

Back in Brooklyn, 2009. They are still called bobo’s, but hipsters are born. If we don’t call them hipsters yet, they have the same spirit. The state of mind you don’t have. Which one is it? Always be ahead the others so they are different. You know, this is very hipster way of think. In Williamsburg, you can find a lot of expatriates hipsters. Here is how get the best exchange rates every time they send money abroad.

This guy is better than you with exchange rates. Discover why & how now!


The one money transfer tool to kill them all

Being ahead and different as a respectful hipster means to know the best tools of the market before everyone. That’s what we call early adopter.

I don’t know how they do, but they always are one step ahead us. I talked with 10 hipsters lastly (yes, I was 3 weeks in williamsburg) and they all told me the way they deal to get the best exchange rates.

It was a funny story. We were in this bar, it was a meetup of expats, so I could talk about this with people like us. At the beginning, of course, we didn’t

Basically, here is the answer I got from almost all of them : “Yeah, you know, I use this tool to get the best exchange rates. Best tool ever. You want the name?

Of course I wanted the name! So my answer was… Yes.

The hipster way to get the best exchange rates

This tool is a new way to stay informed with exchange rates. You probably know and use XE, X-rates, google, yahoo or any other but not this one.

The name is Moneytis. One of them told me:

Usually, I don’t like to talk about it. You know, money is not something you talk about when partying like tonight. But it is worth it. We don’t speak anymore about it. Just check it out. You woudl love it

It’s very funny the way hipsters act like a sect. I still don’t get this people. But the day after the party (around 2p.m because the party was hard, they know drink!), I typed Moneytis in Google, and it was awesome.

I discovered a complete tool, like the of money transfers. You can do everything thanks to it.